FloodDaBlockEnt & CustomVocalz.com  Would like to introduce owner and founder Geek Aka Geek-TheHot. Geek has been writing music since 1993, and is also an experienced DJ, rapper, hip hop artist and producer. He has done work with some top notch producers and managers in the music industry including; Phantom Music productions (producer Philly Flame) Carol McMillan of Talent 2k, Joe Gentile of Deka Records based out of Europe, DJ Vlad of Vladtv.com, and DJ Noize Chingy's DJ based out of Germany, just to name a few. Geek has been featured on several radio interviews and has been requested to feature on some nationwide mixtapes such as Coast 2 Coast. Since 2002 Geek has nonstop put out over 20 mixtapes including; Burgers, Blunts, & Koolaid with hot single called Where Yo Girlfriend At? (Planet Geek) with hit tracks: They Don’t Know and Star Command, and most recently Starving Artists Mixtape Volume 1. with tracks, I Don’t Need Your Love, Back to Get This Money, Fight, and Double Check. He has sold thousands of copies not only locally but nationwide! Geek has signed artists such as Lil K aka Animosity out of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, The Chill from Orangeburg, South Carolina, Eliana out of Chicago, Illinois, Hero out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and N8 aka D’CYPLE out of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. Expanding the FloodDaBlockEnt and CustomVocalzLLC family Geek has recently signed hot new producer King Alex Macedo from Lynwood California, a Chief of Marketing and Talent Scout Executive Ashley Larson out of Grand Haven, Michigan, and Talent Scout Carla Nichols from Evanston, Illinois. Geek was born and raised on the north side of Chicago and singles himself out from the mainstream as an artist who allows his music and work to present all sides of who he truly is, staying true to his hip hop roots and refusing to succumb to commercial rap. He specializes in R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, and even a little Spanish music. Geek prides himself on consistently going above and beyond for his artists and employees. He thrives on seeing them succeed. He also maintains a positive outlook in his community and is forever giving back and volunteering whenever he can. He is very appreciative of his ever growing fan base and all they do for him; they truly push him to work hard each and every day. Geek would like to thank God, his family, friends, fans and artists for all they do and their continued love and support! Stay tuned for the latest updates and newest releases!

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