​Lil Gizz  ​​​is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He's personally been writing music since the 3rd grade. " I knew I wanted to do music when my mother and father always had disputes against each other, I use to write about them in rhymes. In 2009, the time I was 16 I linked up with my famous cousin Rae Zellous who inspired me to write A mixtape. Which was called (Real Trap N***a Part1). Which had me in the #1 spot as a rap artist in Pittsburgh on (Reverbnation) I realized I didn't want to attended school so I continued music instead. In 2016, I seen a tweet from Geek-TheHot the owner of FloodDaBlockEnt & Custom Vocalz. He contacted me and asked was I working on a single, I said yes. 2 mixtapes Later I was signed to his companies #CustomVoclaz & #FloodDaBlockEnt. I would like to thank this man for changing my life.
I have Dropped my 2nd single in March 2017 with geoerge affiliate and my music mate acezz. soon to be in the summer of 2017 my first official mixtape brought to you buy FloodDaBlockEnt. features with Acezz ,George Affiliate, Geek-TheHot and many more. My plans is to drop 3 more mixtape by the fall...stay tuned for my video for my hit single Rolling.
2017 Will be an epic year. I salute my manager/boss for making us history.
Also look for ya boy lil gizz to be in magazines.
My autograph edition cds will be available for purchasing around the world.

  • Rollin3:25
  • Jet Fuel4:22